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SuperSteam Asia Pacific

It was very fortunate for us to work with Align Group, becuase they helped us to clarify and gave us what we wanted.

Dylan Ng, CEO & Co-Founder

OA International 

After engaging Align Group, I am a lot more structured, I have processes… I can sense that I used to have 15 people working for me, and now I have 20 people working together for their future, that is the difference.

Alan Chang, Managing Director

D’Elegance International

During the masterclass, Align Group was able to break this entire field into specific areas… By taking these small actionable steps, our business was actually able to progress forward.

Peh Zheng Yang, Director


When we brought around the consultant on board, the people felt that we care. They had a voice to the consultant, to us, and I think bringing a consultant along, they can tell a good benchmark on, say, this is a fair practice.

Jamie Lim, Regional Marketing Director

Pazzion Group

The consultants from Align Group are very professional, other than implementing processes that are within the scope of the project, they have given us useful recommendations.

Tom Ng, Director

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