70% of organisational transformation attempts fail.

What’s your chance of


What is the Transformation Failure Diagnostic?

The Transformation Failure Diagnostic (TFD) is a 20-question survey that assesses your organisation’s chances of a successful transformation based on 7 critical factors.

If you are Business owner, leader or executive, click on the form below to fill in a form and access the TFD, which would take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

What is the Transformation Failure Diagnostic Report?

The TFD Report reveals the probability of transformation success, and provides valuable insights on the top 3 critical elements you must be aware of and take action to reduce the chances of failure.

After completing the 20-question diagnostic, you will receive your personalised TFD Report via email within 3 working days. 

The 7 Failure Points of Crisis Transformation

Change or Die. That is the reality of business. Yet, 70% of business transformations fail. What can you do to increase your probability of success?

There are 7 key ideas that underlie transformation. Having them or not, will make or break your efforts. 

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Hear from Managing Director of Align Group, Mr Low Boon Seong share in our complimentary webinars, the crucial factors all business owners, executives and leaders must know when trying to transform your organisation.


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Align Group transforms traditional HR that focuses primarily on structure to one that impacts the purpose, people, and profits of your company. 

We partner companies to drive successful business and human capital transformations to maximise the potential of people, strengthen organisational resilience, propel productivity and enable organisations to scale up.

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