When your employee is placed under Quarantine Orders or have to take Leave of Absence, it posits a number of work- and pay-related issues for companies.

Just because an employee is not allowed to come to work, does not mean you need not pay your employee, or that the employee need not be productive and continue contributing to the company.

We encourage you take this opportunity to exercise empathy and understanding and in doing so demonstrate fair and compassionate leadership.

Consider implementing any of the following work and payment alternatives for such employees.

  1. You can provide special additional leave with pay. Though not legally mandatory, it certainly demonstrates generosity and support for employees who are or fear they might be sick.


  1. Pay the usual salary and consider the employee as working from home. This is certainly possible for positions that makes use of digital technologies, laptops and computers.


  1. Treat the days of absence as outpatient or hospitalisation leave with pay, and deduct from the mandatory 60 hospitalisation leave granted to employees.


  1. Pay partial wages to the employee, say 50%. We suggest you understand to what extent is the employee incapacitated by not being able to be at work to be productive, and evaluate accordingly.


  1. Allow the employee to use earned or advance annual leave to cover the period of absence. It’s like taking a reluctant, unplanned holiday first, and will then make it up in the future. There’s always next year for that planned holiday trip.

Whether or not you take these suggestions on, always communicate with your employees, whether grounded at home or at work. It’s times like these that test and hone your communication and leadership abilities.