Using Games in Selection Process
Companies typically use formal interviews as their only tool to select their next employees. However, this is
not enough for you to verify the actual personality or behaviour of the candidates. Instead, you may
conduct simple group games for the candidates to play. Through a “play” setting, the actual personality
would emerge, and it would be possible to uncover additional information such as their values, working
style and decision-making skills.
1. Identifying Personal Values
Interviewee’s proposed solutions and how strongly they guard their ground against debates when resolving
moral dilemma scenarios can shed light on what are their personal values. This can then be used to assess
for alignment with the company’s values and culture.
2. Identifying Working Styles
During the game, observe to identify the assertive one, the objective driven, the listener, the empathetic
one and the one who goes with the flow. From these observations, you will be able to assess team
dynamics and how different candidates react to different scenarios in the game.
3. Identifying Decision Making Skills
Listen to how interviewees’ articulate their reasons and strategies when making certain decisions during the
game. Based on what one voice out, you will be able to assess the depth of one’s thoughts, one’s
critical/analytical thinking and whether the decision was made after a holistic consideration.