One of the common laments by employers is that the Millennials aka Gen Y workforce, do not stay long in an organisation. It is a global phenomenon with common and distinct traits of this generation seen the world over.

It is worth noting however that this generation of workforce carry some strengths too – especially in creating new energy and ideas to the team.

To generate a positive return from the millennials, employers can consider introducing the “tour of duty” concept in the organisation talent management strategy. The strategy can eventually help to retain the right young talent.

Essentially, employers need to outline a three-year “tour of duty” plan to a new employee which would include purpose of the role and the short-term goals for the next three years, complete with the learning outcomes. The focus will be on the employee growth and achievement milestone in the next three years.

This provides both employers and employees an opportunity to assess the working relationship. Not only can it help employers to better plan their hiring requisition, but it also allows the employee to take ownership of his/her own career path.

If the employee likes working in the organisation, and is able to find opportunity in another role within the three-year stint, or chooses to extend his/her current role for another three years, they may just stay on after all.

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