Trust is the foundation for all relationships. Within your organisation, building a strong foundation of trust amongst your team will increase morale, teamwork, productivity and ultimately the bottom line.

In the last Tip of the Day, we introduced the components of the Trust Equation and started by looking at Credibility and Reliability. This time we complete by examining Intimacy and Self-Orientation.

Intimacy: The Emotional Security of Others
As a business leader, how safe or secure are your teammates with you? Can they trust you with that piece of confidential information they just shared with you? Emotional connectedness is vital to fostering trust. They must feel that you are trustworthy.

To increase intimacy, try integrating yourself into their work culture. Familiarise yourself with the language they use, the way they work. Communicate clearly regarding what you expect from them and the work they have been assigned to deliver.

Self-Orientation: The Focus on the Individual

This idea asks the question, on whom does your focus lie? Is it primarily on your stakeholders and their concerns or on yours? And trust me when I say, other people can tell, if you are genuinely investing your time, energy and attention on them, or if you are doing for some other personal gain.

Lower your self-orientation by listening very keenly to their questions, desires, fears, emotions. Pay very close attention and have others feel heard, understood and cared for.

Putting Them All Together

In sum, to increase other people’s trust in you, consider ways on increasing your Credibility, Reliability and Intimacy, while reducing your natural tendency to be Self-Oriented. Work on these components, develop relationships and lead knowing that your people are putting their trust in you.