Trust is the foundation for all relationships. Within your organisation, building a strong foundation of trust amongst your team will increase morale, teamwork, productivity and ultimately the bottom line.
According to Davide Maister’s “Trust Equation”, there are several components to trust. Let’s take a look at two components, Credibility and Reliability, and offer tips on how you can effectively use them to increase people’s trust in you at the workplace.  
Credibility: The Art of Speaking

Credibility has to do your words, and answering with the question in other people’s minds: “Does he know what he is talking about? Can I trust what he says?” Your words should reflect you as an expert in your domain, through your experience, actions and accomplishments.
At the same time, credibility does not mean invincibility. Recognising and admitting your own ignorance invites your team to engage with you in a conversation. This conveys respect to others (which anyone appreciates), provides you valuable opportunities to share information and insights they might not know, and simultaneously fosters your own credibility and trust amongst your team.
Reliability: The Art of Doing
Reliability has to do with your actions. And it is not just the fact that you do something, but that you do it consistently. If you say all meetings should start punctually, then you must be present for meetings all the time (or at least most of the time).
This applies to your projects, promises and deadlines. If you can accomplish what you say consistently, your teammates will perceive you as reliable in your actions, and credible in your words. They will trust you as a person and as a leader.
In our next article, we will look at the other two components of trust, Intimacy and Self-Orientation.