It is a given that performance is a key indicator of a good employee. Desirable behaviour aligned with organisational values is just as important an indicator of a model employee.

Based on these, how do we rate and decide on our best employees?

Before we answer that, let us first deal with “toxic” employees – ones who underperform and consistently demonstrate behaviour misaligned from corporate values. They must be removed before they intoxicate the rest of the organisation.

The debate is often on employees who perform but display behaviour against organisational values. Keeping them may give other employees the wrong message that such behaviour is tolerated as long you perform.

Then there are employees who are ambassadors of your corporate values but are lacking in performance. For them, re-engaging them in roles which leverage their strengths and interests may be the solution to maximise their true potential.

The best employees are both top performers and exemplify values-aligned behaviour. They should be rewarded openly and be the role models to follow.

The values-aligned behaviour will be reinforced and becomes the new norm, which in turn will shape the desired organisation culture.

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