Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulties. As an organisational component, it has increased in significance due to domestic and global uncertainty, and the impact to businesses and employees.

To increase the hardiness of your people and organisation, here are some ideas to consider implementing:

Invest in an environment of learning

Train your talent, especially new hires, to take on a series of tasks of increasing difficulty and complexity. The principle of successive approximations will enable them to experience a sense of increasing accomplishment.

Invest in a culture of relationships

Ensure that your people are conditioned in encouraging, supporting and even mentoring relationships. Strong interpersonal support is a strong foundation for human resilience.

Invest in a leadership of resilience

When staff face uncertainty, they look at their leaders for traits of predictability, consistency and accountability. Consider putting them through formal training in resilient leadership, and trust them to carry the organisation with you through the ups and down.

Let’s build greater resilience to take on all challenges.

The above excerpt is our weekly compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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