Ever bought a product that failed to do what it claimed to do? Disappointing, right?

Now imagine the product is your company, and the people who bought the product are your employees. They were attracted by what was written on your website, in your job posts, by what you said in the interviews, only to eventually leave the company feeling “cheated.”

How do you close the gap between what is promised and what happens in the company? Here are ways to build a stronger, more authentic employer brand.

Build These and They Will Come

Build a clear Mission and Vision, define your set of values, and ensure they proliferate throughout the company in thought and action. Then tell the world about it. This serves to attract job seekers who share the same fundamental beliefs with you, ensuring better cultural fit and alignment. And naturally filtering out those who don’t.

Assess the Gaps

Consolidate what your employees say they experience. Talk to new hires, conduct engagement surveys and exist interviews, look at what present and past employees wrote about the company online.

Now put all that alongside your recruitment marketing. Where do the claims about employee experience match up with the actual experience? Where do they fall short? After that, you are in a better position to address the gaps that can protect the company against employee backlash.

Engage your People

Marketing internally to your people serves to reinforce employee value proposition in their minds. Remind them why they joined, strengthen their commitment to stay, and prompt them to refer others to the company. This way, you encourage your employees to be their company’s most authentic spokespeople on the employee experience.