It is always easy to speak to an employee if he is a top performer. How about when you have to speak to an under-performing member of your team? While there is a need to pinpoint the issue, your conversations with this member have to be tactical and non-discouraging, as there may be problems which refrains them from excelling. Following are some ways in which you could approach this conversation.


  1. Make the problem into bite-size

You can help to dissect the problem into smaller pieces, and encourage the employee to think of tiny steps to start solving part of the problem. This would ensure the scale or complexity of the problem would not cripple the employee into inaction or procrastination.


  1. Reflect on past successes

You may guide the employee to reflect a time when he faced similar issue, and how he has approached solving the problem previously. Relating to past successes can help to build up the employee’s confidence to tackle the current problem.


  1. Ask to identify tiny signs of improvement

You should ask the employee to identify and share how tiny signs of success towards solving the problem would be like. The improvement would be made tangible, observable, and even quantifiable, and is likely to provide the spark for the employee to continue to improve his performance.