Employees have to know what is expected of them to stay engaged and perform well at work. When you as a business leader have set clear performance expectations with your employees, you are one step nearer to organisational success. Here are three ways to do this critical task better.

Create clear expectations

Set specific and realistic expectations such as “Increase 7% sales revenue through existing customers by December 2018”. Also, avoid setting goals which seem too out-of-reach as it will likely discourage employees.  Ultimately, the clearer, more specific and realistic you are with your expectations, the more likely your employees would perform to your desired standards.

Have your employees share their views

Allow your employees to safely express their views on the expectations set upon them. Have a conversation about their concerns. Employees who are given this opportunity are likely to achieve a sense of empowerment and stay driven.

Provide continuous support

Some employees inevitably fall behind their agreed standards. This is where continuous support from organisation becomes critical. One such support is real-time feedback where supervisors give immediate feedback or conduct regular performance review sessions. They aim to steer the poor performers back on track by providing them with the resources and help they might require.