Instilling pride is one the most cost-effective ways to foster higher employee engagement. In fact, it has the highest correlation with workplace happiness according to the latest data from the National Workplace Happiness Survey (2017).


Celebrate Success Milestones

Share the news and celebrate each success milestone that the company has achieved so that all can bask in the glory of its success. Communicate how the success has been achieved and thank those who have been instrumental in achieving the milestones, regardless of the person’s rank.


Communicate to employees their impact of work to customers

Each employee has a role to play in the workplace, no matter how small they may think their role is in the grander scheme of things. Highlight how their contributions are supporting the company and are making a positive impact to its customers. Remember to be specific about the contributions and to be genuine about it!


Engage in Corporate Service Responsibility (CSR) projects

CSR is the idea that a company should engage in a set of practice that contributes to the well-being of their community. Consider helping out at charity events or volunteering for non-profit causes together as a company. Such activities not only strengthen the bond the employees, it builds up their pride in having done something good for their society.