Creative people tend to be characteristically different from others when it comes to their values, personality and abilities. So they might require special consideration when it comes to managing this group of people.

Here are some tips to help you motivate your most creative employees to perform at their best:

Assign the Right Roles

When creative people feel there is meaning and connection in the work they do, that their innovative juices can make a significant impact, they will be even more motivated. Otherwise they might easily feel bored and would have no qualms jumping onto the first exciting venture that comes their way.

Build a Diverse Team

Innovation is usually heightened in a social setting. Surround creative employees with individuals with complementary skillsets. For example, build teams that pair big-picture creative people with detailed-oriented, organised partners. Such synergistic collaboration increases the chances of innovative projects getting off ground and producing real results, and that it isn’t just all talk and ideas.

Give Them Challenge and Freedom

Proactively chart their development and challenge them to take on tasks that have them go beyond their comfort zones, to give them a greater sense of achievement. At the same time, give them the space to express their non-conformist, idiosyncratic tendencies. As a leader, that may mean remaining humble and not letting the ego get in the way of allowing for their creative expressions.