Millennials have grown up in an environment that taught them that work is one part of life and is not necessarily a separate activity that requires some sort of balancing against life. They seek a personally fulfilling vocation that gives them the opportunity to make friends, learn new skill sets and connect to a larger purpose.

As such, they have been set up to expect the company, and specifically their bosses to pay special attention to them, to give them feedback, provide coaching guidance, support their developmental needs and groom them along their career path.

Our next three Tips of the Day will center around ways in which you can mentor millennials, and in doing so continually engage their enthusiasm, understand their unique perspectives and use this diversity to continually boost your organisational capabilities. The first method is reverse mentoring.

Reverse mentoring involves pairing older staff with younger ones to teach one another on how business is being run and new ways of thinking that can improve them. Millennials grow up tech-savvy and have a lot to offer to their elder colleagues with their knowledge on technology, social media and current trends. Older workers have the historical knowledge of the company and business wisdom that can help millennials know how things are being done in the company.

It is a give and take relationship where older and new employees help boost the understanding of both groups and improve overall collaboration and communication in the workplace, which has a direct positive impact on organisational culture and productivity. It is certainly win-win-win.

The above excerpt is our weekly compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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