Millennials are becoming one of the most populous generations in the workforce, and managing and retaining them in the workplace is seemingly challenging to many business leaders today. Wonder how you can maximise their stay in your company? The following are some tips in which you might consider when managing millennials:

Grant them autonomy

Millennials form a generation that craves autonomy. They would choose jobs they enjoy, pursue their passions, and hope to grow their professional potential. Thus, they enjoy being given the freedom to manage tasks and the feeling that they are being trusted to rise to the occasion when required.

Ask for their unique input

Millennials are often deemed as relatively inexperienced, thus their views and inputs tend to be disregarded during business planning and discussions. However, millennials value involvement and inclusion in discussions, as they see it as their platform to learn. So ask for their opinion and remain open to their ideas. Their fresh perspectives might just surprise you!

Assure them that there is room for growth

Being one of the youngest in the company, millennials may often feel that their room for growth is limited as most senior positions would have been filled. Hence, they have the tendency to job-hop so as to climb the corporate ladder. Rather than worrying about the high attrition rate for millennial-hires, provide these employees with regular assurance on the growth and development plans you have for them.

The above excerpt is our compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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