In times of crisis like the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly amongst the community, advancing contagion in its path and instilling fear in our people, our economy and many businesses will invariably be negatively impacted.

It’s times like these that test the mettle of leaders and resilience of organisations, and only the strongest of teams will survive the ordeal. So steel your hearts, take powerful action and steer the ship and your crew through the turbulent waves of crises, with these ideas:

Designate a Crisis Manager

Appoint a leader or senior manager to oversee and coordinate the management of all issues relating to measures and actions to deal with the impact of the imminent crisis.

As the business owner, you have to keep your focus on steering the ship towards the final destination and ensuring all aspects of the business continues to operate. So you’ll want a leader, perhaps a senior manager to take care of all the critical but operational aspects of this specific threat.

Detail the Crisis Communications Function.

If you have the manpower, designate a person to manage and curate all communications relating to the threat. Crisis communications plays a crucial aspect in keeping the calm amongst your people, as timely information must be conveyed before panic sets in, chaos ensue and operations get disrupted.

Create Powerful, Reassuring Messages

Once you’ve appointed the right people for the job, you’ll want to make sure that the leadership delivers clear, decisive and reassuring messages and instruction. So that all your employees are aware of the situation and know what measures needs to be taken and when.

You should also effect and convey the company’s business continuity measures and the roles that each and everyone must play. In times of crisis, everything becomes time-sensitive, so all must be clear, calm and collected, and work together ever more so.