“Accidental collisions”, otherwise known as random interactions between employees play a key role in generating creative thinking, developing new ideas, and strengthening the work community. These chance meetings, especially between people from different departments or levels, can lead to opportunities for collaboration between unlikely partners and derive new insights and solutions to old problems.


Create the Spaces


Design common areas that allow people from all parts of the company to cross paths and encourage interactions with one another. These areas can be a small library, a lounge or simply a centrally-located water cooler to increase chances to meet, mix and mingle.


Create the Opportunities


Set aside time to host events with the purpose of bonding your people. Such events can be as simple as a town hall gathering with a buffet to as grand as annual dinner and dances. To kick it up a notch, assemble individuals from different departments to co-facilitate the company event. This encourages collaboration among employees with normally little chance of working together, thus exposing them to new perspectives as they solve common challenges.


While personal time and boundaries are important, shared workspaces and collaborative work are key to a culture of creativity. Individuals may be more productive when they work alone, but your company will be innovative when everyone works together.


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Some of the best ideas are formed by thinking outside your routine, or by gaining exposure to a unique perspective. Encourage such a culture in your workplace through increasing the chances of “accidental collisions”!