Managing the major differences arising from generation gaps at the workplace may be a challenge for leaders who are trying to build positive synergies within their teams. Here are some ways you, as a leader, can use to increase togetherness within your multi-generational workforce.

Encourage Employees to Make Time for “Fika”

“Fika” is often translated as a “Coffee and Cake Break” in Swedish where employees take a 20-minute break from work and socialise with coffee and baked goods. These casual gatherings often occur twice (morning and afternoon) to encourage interaction between different groups and to re-energise their day. In building a culture of togetherness in a multi-generation workforce, such social interactions can play a key role in strengthening employees’ relationships with one another.

Create Opportunity for “Play”

Some may think play as a distraction, or even a waste of time. However, research has shown that play can be a powerful tool in creating a collaborative environment across generations. The ideas for play are limitless. Let employees creatively decorate the workplace according to holiday themes such as Christmas, or celebrate employee’s birthday with a surprise party. Over time, playful and fun-filled interactions could reduce the formality between generations and enhance togetherness within the company.