To increase employee engagement, communication is key. This is more so when it is active and constructive.

In a given scenario when an employee shares about his/her achievement, you may react with a possible response:

Passive and Destructive
Ignore what the employee has said and say something completely unrelated to the subject.

Active and Destructive
Acknowledge what was said, and add something negative or being critical. For example, “This is no big deal, you have taken so long to achieve it”.

Passive and Constructive
A less than enthusiastic response like, “that’s great”, and continue to talk about something else.

Active and Constructive
The most positive and engaging response is when you are enthusiastic, excited and show genuine interest by asking the employee to give more details.

When active and constructive communication is consistently used in your daily interaction with your employees, you will build trusting relationships, increase staff engagement and cultivate a positive workplace.

Let’s harness more of the positive energy.

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