Many leaders understand the importance of increasing employee engagement. However, in the implementation of new initiatives intended to positively impact employees, good intentions may run aground by factors they may not clearly grasp.

These include the perception by employees on how they are cared and valued by the organisation. This is the concept of perceived organisational support.

When you are looking to implement supportive workforce services or favourable treatment, it is vital that your employees perceive your generous gestures as voluntary and discretionary, not because you are required to.

In a large American company, researchers found that despite increasing minimum wage, the employees perceived the action as driven by external pressures. They saw that the leaders made changes because they were “forced” to, and that suggested a lack of authentic care for employees.

It is vital then that leaders convey effectively the factors and context in which they seek to engage employees. That they effectively contribute positively to employee’s beliefs and attitudes towards the organisation.

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