Millennials have grown up in an environment unique from past generations, and it will be to your company’s advantage to manage them differently as well. One way is to mentor them.

In our last two Tips of the Day, we have shared how you can use Reverse Mentoring and Group Mentoring to groom your millennial employees. This time, we introduce a third, relatively new way – Anonymous Mentoring.

The premise of this method is that the employees, usually identified as high potentials, are paired up with mentors of whom they do not know the identities of and who are usually experienced experts inside or even outside of the company.

Furthermore, because these mentors sole aim is to genuinely support others, and that identities are anonymous where the interactions are conducted entirely online, the immediate benefit is that the mentors and mentees are comfortable and encouraged to forge more candid interactions and higher levels of disclosure.

In this safe and open environment, this anonymous mentorship can potentially produce all kinds of substantive learning, ‘aha’ moments and discoveries for both parties. This will no doubt help keep your young employees engaged and committed to your organisation for developing them along this way.