Maximizing employees’ efforts require the right effective equipment to get the job done. When employees are held back by absent or poor-quality equipment, productivity is negatively impacted. After all, would you expect Picasso to paint a masterpiece without a paintbrush?

  1. Evaluate Current Workflow

Discover what is taking up most of your employee’s time. Then, simply ask about the additional support and tools they would need in order to perform better.

  1. Maximize Current Resources

Before getting new equipment, be innovative and find creative ways to stretch your available resources so as to make the most out of what you have. If an approach you adopted does not work, gather opinions and attempt to solve your problem with different approaches and from different angles. When faced with scarcity, people tend to become creative with their resources.

  1. Get New Equipment

Encourage employees to clearly rationalize the added value of investing in new equipment. Why do they need it and how will it benefit the organisation? If a convincing answer can be produced, there would more likely be a positive return on investment with an increase in your employees’ productivity levels.

Give your employees proper paintbrushes and watch them produce artistic masterpieces for the company.