Dismissing an employee with disciplinary issues might be an easy task. For employees who are good in many aspects but are simply ill-fit with the company culture – How can you gracefully dismiss them?

Communicate with Empathy

When breaking the news, be empathetic and transparent about the decision. Also emphasise that this is a cultural-fit issue and nothing to do with their personal attributes or performance so the news does not erode their confidence. Be open to answering their concerns at all times. Often, how you say is more important than what you say.

Provide Flexi-Time

Employees, when given the dismissal notice, would need time to arrange for job interviews and as such, allowing them flexible working hours would greatly benefit them. You may also consider allowing employees to take time-off on days that they have job interviews.

Give Recommendations

To help them increase their chances of success in their next job application, offer to write them a letter of recommendation. If you know your employees well enough, you can also refer them to places that you think they will be a good fit with. Even if they do not take up this offer, they would still be thankful knowing that they are taken care of.

The above excerpt is our compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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