Recruiting talent is no different from dating. You need to make yourself attractive to have the right talents knocking at your door. How can your company better position itself in the eyes of potential candidates?

  1. Communicate an Impactful MVV

MVV refers to Mission, Vision, and Values. Good talents are drawn towards having meaningful careers, thus a company’s strategic direction and purpose communicated through a strong MVV can be used effectively to attract the right talents. One of the criteria of an impactful MVV is to relate to the emotions of the potential talents on what role the company is playing in the broader society.

  1. Encourage employees to share their views of the company on social media. 

Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors. Help employees understand why sharing matters and give them the freedom to do so. Encourage them to share positive and uplifting content about your company, accomplishments, thought leadership articles and industry news within their networks. Also, establish an online presence of your positive work culture through having employees write honest reviews on sites like Facebook and Glassdoor. In seeing your encouraging and high-performing culture, the right talents would be clamouring to apply to your company.