Efficacy is about one’s belief in his or her ability to successfully accomplish a acheter du cialis en ligne task.

Individuals with high self-efficacy tend to set high goals, thrive on challenge, and persevere to accomplish set goals despite obstacles encountered along the way.

When team members’ self-efficacy are well-developed, and synergies among these members are capitalised on, the outcome is a higher performance team with astounding results.

Leaders can harness the power of self-efficacy in teams with the following steps:

  1. Provide clear and attainable goals

    Clear and stretch goals motivate team members for higher achievement. However, i is important to ensure that the stretch goals are reasonable and attainable, otherwise they will demotivate instead. Individuals who gain mastery in accomplishing the goals, particularly these stretch goals, will develop much higher self-efficacy.

  2. Set team members up for success

    Success breeds greater success. Leaders can set team members up for success by ensuring that they are doing what they can do best, that they are adequately trained, and that they are inducted fully to accomplish their tasks successfully. One effective way is to pair team members with mentors, coaches or role models from whom they are shown the ropes.

    When teams experiences positive outcomes and success, they would be motivated to achieve greater heights, which in turn increase their self-efficacy.

  3. Encourage and recognise

    Timely and sincere encouragement and recognition of jobs well done, will have a positive emotional impact on the team members. The team efficacy will also increase when giving positive encouragement and recognition become a natural part of the team culture.

If you can put the above into practice, you as leaders should see increases in the efficacy and performance of your teams.

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