An employer brand is how your employees and external stakeholders perceive your company, and its benefits cannot be underestimated as it impacts your company’s ability to attract, recruit and retain good employees.

Attract: Increase the number of ‘right’ candidates applying

A strong employer brand allows candidates to self-evaluate their fit with the organisation even before applying. Hence, if the company brands itself as always giving back to the society through community services, candidates who share similar ideology and is aligned with the company’s philosophy, would be attracted to apply.

Recruit: Reduce recruiting costs and effort

A powerful employer brand tends to create a strong pull factor that would have candidates taking the initiative to write in to your company requesting for job opportunities. As a result, this leads to lower reliance on recruitment portals and career fairs that would otherwise be costly and time-consuming to use.

Retain: Create the desire to stay

With more employees aligned with the company’s philosophy and brand, it makes collaboration easier as they would be working in greater synergy and striving collectively towards common goals. Overall, this enhances their sense of belonging and pride with the company, and eventually their desire to continue working with you.

The above excerpt is our compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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