Transformation should begin with the end in mind. A clear vision will steer the company towards their desired direction, but how do we bring this vision to life?

Develop Strategies and Goals

You would want to develop strategies that achieve short- and long-term goals that support the vision. In the initial phase, strive for short-term wins and low-hanging fruits to build the momentum of success while slowly, but surely, driving forth the long-term plans.

Establish a Mission and a Set of Core Values

The reasons why and the methods how in which an employee work towards the vision are important too. As such, the new vision should also be accompanied with a mission statement and a set of corporate core values to shape the desired behaviours of the people.

Communicate the New Changes

Make use of every channel and platform to communicate the new changes to your employees so as to have them aligned to the company’s direction. Consider plastering it on posters along the corridor and eventually on the tip of every staff’s tongue.

Reinforce the Desired Behaviours

Appreciate and recognise individuals and team efforts so as to reinforce desired behaviours along this transformative journey in moving the company to greater heights.

So declare your vision, create your strategies, communicate your messages, achieve your goals and recognise everyone’s efforts. Soon enough we know you will get to your realised future.

The above excerpt is our weekly compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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