“The millennial we just recruited had job-hopped out of our company again.”

If you can relate to the above statement, then perhaps it is time to take a peek into the minds of these millennials and find out how you can better engage them.

Desire for growth

Millennials tend to be growth-driven. So consider drafting a training plan that maps out what they could learn and how they could achieve this learning. Schedule and assign sessions when supervisors and mentors can come in to support their self-development journey. When employees see the commitment that the company puts into their growth, they are more likely to reciprocate with commitment and loyalty.

Connection with others

Millennials tend to uphold the ideology of working for people instead of companies. Hence, it is important to foster an appreciative, collegial, and fun working environment. Celebrate birthdays and appropriately inject elements of humour at the workplace. Let everyone experience what it means to be able to call the workplace a second home.

Love for freedom 


You would be surprised that without the strict control over their working hours, millennials actually tend to put in longer hours because they become more engaged in what they do! Consider adopting flexi-work arrangements and provide hot-desking working space to support their love for freedom.