Simple Steps to Align Your New Hires
An appropriate on-boarding process for your new hires is necessary. It aids in helping
them understand your organisational culture and what behaviours are expected of
them. Here are some steps you can take in aligning your new hires with your business
1. Communicate your MVV and Expectations
As a boss, let your employees know what the overall vision and business strategy of
the organisation is and how as an employee, can they help in achieving them. For
your employee to be aligned with your business, they must first know how they can
play a part in your organisation and create an impact through their work.
2. Define Performance Expectation Boundaries & Policies
After being clear of their roles in the organisation, the next step is to ensure they
know how best to do their jobs. One way is to provide a guideline on performance
expectations of employees. Including coming up with policies that spells out in detail
the standard processes and systems that your employees must follow to produce
your goods or service.
3. Check In on New Hires and Provide Opportunities to Work with Leaders
Provide appropriate opportunities for new hires to work with leaders and also ensure
to check in on their work experiences a few weeks into their jobs. This will be
important in understanding how he or she is fitting into their roles and in the
organisation. This provides a gauge on their engagement levels. Some of the checkin questions you can use are: “How well do you feel you have been well prepared
for your job?” and “Is there anything that you wished you have been told at the
start?” You
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There are many ways to align your new hire to your business. Here are three simple
steps that you can take! Read on :