Title: Actions of an Effective Leader (QW)

An effective leader is one who is able to positively influence others and brings diverse people together to move the company forward. Thus, a leader is only as effective as his team. Following are some actions which you, as a leader, can take to build a highly motivated and productive workforce.

  1. Build Trust

Empower your employees with opportunities, and trust them to lead. Trust is a two-way street. While your team leads the task assigned, acknowledge the mistakes made under your leadership and provide due credits to acknowledge contributions.

  1. Show Compassion

Express empathy and provide a listening ear to employees’ sharing on difficulties they might be facing at work or at home, and which hinder work progression. Understand the situation holistically and provide them with ways the company can support them.

  1. Provide Stability

Provide your employees with clear career progression development plans. Knowing that the company actually took the time to craft a growth plan for each employee, creates a sense of stability and assurance within the team.

  1. Create Hope

Besides communicating clear directions and goals of the company, it is essential to provide all employees with regular updates on the company’s status of progress towards the goals shared. Positive progression creates hope, which drives greater motivation amongst your people.

FB Caption: Want to know how you can be an effective leader who is able to positively influence your team to bring your business forward? Following is a tip on actions leaders can take to do so!