In an ever-intensifying battle for talent, retaining your hires is critical. In that, how your new hires are onboarded influences how long they choose to stay with you.

Organisations with a standardised onboarding process experience significantly greater new hire productivity and retention. Integrate these three dimensions into your onboarding process to enable your people to stay and to thrive.

Organisational Onboarding

Teach them how things work by giving them all the information they need to function day in, day out. Teach them your workplace unique lingo, including commonly used acronyms and terms. Assimilate them into the culture and so they know how things get done.

Technical Onboarding

Help new hires find their footing in their jobs by providing clear and updated job descriptions. Tell them the boundaries around authority and where they can exercise autonomy, and where they should not when doing their job. This helps them smoothen the work familiarisation process.

Social Onboarding

Enable them to experience a sense of community and that there are people who have their backs. Identify these people – superiors, peers, stakeholders – and have them connect and engage regularly. This cultivates relationships, builds social capital and embeds them in a strong network.