Research has shown that millennials will comprise up to 75% of the workforce by 2025. This shift in demographics will be the driving force behind workplace changes, specifically how organisations engage and motivate the millennials. Here are 3 tips for you to manage the new workforce:

Craft purposeful Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)

A sense of purpose is one of the reasons why millennials choose to embark their career with an organisation. By crafting a purposeful MVV which contributes back to the society will attract the millennials, and keep them engaged and motivated.

Build an entrepreneurial environment

Millennials are highly attracted to the “Anything is Possible!” spirit of entrepreneurs. Organisations can start by building an entrepreneurial culture which encourages millennials to research and develop their ideas. Embracing a risk-tolerant culture and actively promote learning in the organisation will continuously keep millennials engaged.

Conduct regular open and effective communication sessions

Research has shown that millennials value feedbacks from their mentors. Organisations can conduct open and effective communication sessions with millennials, providing them with performance feedback and clear work expectations. By doing so, millennials will be aware of their work performance and career progression, keeping them motivated.

As millennials comprise more of the workforce, organisations should adjust their approach to communicate and engage their employees.

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