Underperforming employees tend to dampen an organisation’s morale and usually pose headaches for the organisation. How can you, as a leader, motivate them?

Set Clear Expectations

Start by setting clear expectations and especially concrete, realistic and time-bound goals for your employees. This will help them be more focused at their work, and specifically on their results and outcomes.

Have a Formal Conversation with Them

Next, engage your employees in a formal conversation, with the purpose of conveying your concerns and communicating your expectations. You should seek to complete this formal discussion on an optimistic note, leaving your employees encouraged to work towards their goals.

Conduct Regular Performance Reviews

Performance reviews should be held regularly, and act as a two-way dialogue on improving your employees’ performance. Take special note to speak about the specific problems they face and the possible actions that can be taken to improve the situation.

Turning around underperforming employees may be time-consuming and difficult, but it is an endeavour worth undertaking. Ultimately, it will boost everyone’s morale, helping you achieve a healthier and more productive organisation.

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