Miscommunication between leaders and subordinates is common and often damaging to the engagement levels of employees and their resultant quality of work produced. Here are 2 tips to help you better connect with your subordinates by being an authentic leader!

Drop the “Mind-reading” Behaviour

Reading minds is synonymous with making assumptions of which are hardly accurate. If you are unsure of what a team member is thinking, feeling or why is he behaving in a particular manner, simply ask him directly rather than making wild guesses in your own head as to what you think might be the case. Express your genuine thoughts and feelings, and encourage others to do the same. Over time, this would nurture a culture of authenticity and openness that reduces miscommunication.

Establish a Safe Environment

Employees need assurance that their leaders have their best interests at heart and are open and receptive to feedback before voicing their opinions. This sense of assurance can be developed by ensuring that all employees’ statements are acknowledged, validated and not ignored nor ridiculed. Similarly, leaders can move towards an open-door policy where you are always ready to listen to your employees. This safe environment eventually fosters authenticity amongst your team members and encourage genuine sharing of issues.

In conclusion, building a culture that embraces authenticity at work would be a great step forward in overcoming miscommunication among colleagues.

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