Individuals with curious mindsets will play key roles in companies in the future economy. With an ever-increasing pace of change and innovation, businesses have to constantly evolve and challenge the status quo. Without curiosity and transformation, the growth of the company would likely stagnate and eventually decline.

In today’s article, we share two insights that you can use to leverage the power of curiosity and develop your future-ready workforce.

Compound Your Knowledge with Reading

Knowledge builds up like compound interest, and like compound interest, you will receive an exponential return. Encourage the habit of reading and curiosity about industry trends among your employees. Set up a library in the office and create an encouraging environment for reading. In addition, consider setting aside dedicated sessions for teams to share what they read and learned, as a springboard for generating curiosity and new ideas for the company.

Communicate the Openness towards All Questions

Employees’ unwillingness to raise questions is usually due to the fear of judgement. Hence, it is important for you as leaders to clearly and constantly communicate that you encourage questions no matter how ‘dumb’ employees think they might be. Doing so reduces the hindrance for employees to be openly curious and spur more discussions during meetings.

The above excerpt is our weekly compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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