Tip of the Day: Strengthening Organisational Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulties. As an organisational component, it has increased in significance due to domestic and global uncertainty, and the impact to businesses and employees. To increase the hardiness of your people and organisation, here are some ideas to consider implementing: Invest in an environment of learning Train your talent, especially new [...]

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Tip of the Day: Build A Virtuous Organisation

The virtuous organisation is one that has a strong moral compass, and a compelling mission that creates values for customers, employees, shareholders and the community. The virtuous organisation does well, and it does good. Research suggests a significant relationship between virtuousness and enhanced organisational performances and success. To strengthen your organisation’s virtuousness, these are three roles and activities [...]

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Tip of the Day: Implement Your Employee Engagement Policies Effectively

Many leaders understand the importance of increasing employee engagement. However, in the implementation of new initiatives intended to positively impact employees, good intentions may run aground by factors they may not clearly grasp. These include the perception by employees on how they are cared and valued by the organisation. This is the concept of perceived organisational [...]

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Tip of the Day: Put The Right Person In The Right Role

A square peg will not fit into a round hole. The same applies with personnel deployment. Putting people in the right role is often one of the most critical yet challenging tasks. A wrong fit will often lead to low engagement and retention. So what can you do to ensure that there is a good fit [...]

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Tip of the Day: Leverage On Social Media To Attract Millennials

In this digital age, millennials form a big part of the talent pool in the new workforce. It is common for them to research potential employers via platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. To better then, companies can adopt several moves: 1. Build strong employer branding through your company website, Facebook or LinkedIn page. Create purpose-driven Mission [...]

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Tip of the Day: The battle between values-aligned behaviours and performance

It is a given that performance is a key indicator of a good employee. Desirable behaviour aligned with organisational values is just as important an indicator of a model employee. Based on these, how do we rate and decide on our best employees? Before we answer that, let us first deal with "toxic" employees - ones [...]

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Tip of the Day: Increasing Workplace Happiness

Are your employees feeling satisfied, valued and happy at work? Research has shown that happy employees are more productive, innovative and they create a more attractive working environment. To elevate the happiness levels in your organisation, here are three pointers: Express gratitude  Many crave recognition and praise. By expressing gratitude, you focus on the positives and [...]

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Tip of the Day: The “Four-Letter Word” of Employee Engagement

In today’s work environment, it is common to have a multi-generation workforce, where baby boomers, Gens X and Y are working together. Each generation is exposed to a different education system and life experience - leading to very different work habits, attitudes and needs. Leaders must cater to having such a diverse team. To engage this [...]

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Tip of the Day: In Difficult Times, Think Psychological Capital

Psychological Capital (PsyCap), also known as AQ (Adversity Quotient), is found to have a strong correlation with the capacity of an organisation to thrive in challenging times. It measures the "toughness" of an organisation in navigating through challenging situations. Organisations with high PsyCap are able to find ways to outmanoeuvre their competitors, generate new pathways, build on the positives, and most [...]

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Tip of the Day: Increase Employee Engagement With Active Constructive Communication

To increase employee engagement, communication is key. This is more so when it is active and constructive. In a given scenario when an employee shares about his/her achievement, you may react with a possible response: Passive and Destructive Ignore what the employee has said and say something completely unrelated to the subject. Active and Destructive Acknowledge [...]

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