Tip of the Day: Manager’s Roadblocks to Practising Fairness

Fairness influences how employees feel at work, and is one of the basic conditions to build a positive culture. Managers are often expected to be fair in the way they communicate and make decisions, but most do not. Below are 3 roadblocks that often hinder a manager from practising fairness. Underestimating the Importance of Fairness Some managers [...]

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Tip of the Day: Essentials For Talent Attraction Today

The demographics of talents and their reasons for working are changing, so companies face growing challenges in attracting talents. This may be the result of hiring managers being too comfortable with traditional recruitment processes and methods and hence, neglect looking into areas which are essential to talent attraction. The following are some often neglected areas to  [...]

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Tip of the Day: Making The Most Out Of Exit Interviews

An exit interview should be a priority when an employee leaves, whether they get fired or they resign, as it gives you valuable information about your company and your employees. Find The Best Time The interview should take place in the last few days of employment. If it is done too early, the employee may not [...]

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Tip of the Day: Reframe Blame

It is tempting to blame others when things go wrong. While you may protect your self-esteem in the short term, it will be costly in the long term. When the blame game becomes dysfunctional, it shuts down learning, leaves others feeling persecuted and undermines drive and productivity. Below are three actionable steps you can take to [...]

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Tip of the Day: Put The Right Person In The Right Role

A square peg will not fit into a round hole. The same applies with personnel deployment. Putting people in the right role is often one of the most critical yet challenging tasks. A wrong fit will often lead to low engagement and retention. So what can you do to ensure that there is a good fit [...]

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Tip of the Day: How To Build Trust In Your Organisation

rust in business these days is no longer just an ethical consideration; it has become an economic "gold standard", with implications that affect an organisational relationship with its various stakeholders, i.e. employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, and the public. Efforts and investment put into branding, HR, audit, investor relations, public relations etc are all geared towards building a trustworthy organisation that can [...]

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Tip of the Day: In Difficult Times, Think Psychological Capital

Psychological Capital (PsyCap), also known as AQ (Adversity Quotient), is found to have a strong correlation with the capacity of an organisation to thrive in challenging times. It measures the "toughness" of an organisation in navigating through challenging situations. Organisations with high PsyCap are able to find ways to outmanoeuvre their competitors, generate new pathways, [...]

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Tip of the Day: Are You A Good Leader? The 5Rs Of True Leadership

A true leader is someone who attracts a following by choice, not because they are compelled to. One can be a good leader by developing these 5Rs of leadership: Role Management guru Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”.  One should not merely rely on the appointment to [...]

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Tip of the Day: Increase Engagement in Your Job

Starting to feel slightly too comfortable in your everyday routine at work? Or facing too many work challenges resulting in a plunge in enthusiasm levels? Re-spark your excitement and positivity towards work by increasing engagement with what you are doing today. Following are some tips to do so! Set priorities on what you have to [...]

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Tip of the Day: Achieve Short but High-Impact Meetings at Work

Meetings tend to be time-consuming and unproductive, but it does not have to be that way. Below are some tips to make meetings more worthwhile: Do Stand-Up Meetings Stand-up group meetings enable participants to stay engaged, focused and attentive during  discussions. Consider having short but frequent stand-up meetings to increase the effectiveness of achieving meeting [...]

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