Too often we are overly fixated on the opinions and perceptions of our surroundings. This can lead us to focus on things we have no control over: the weakness of others, problems in the environment and circumstances, etc. Why allow the situation to affect us, when we can shift our perspective to one that could influence change in the situation instead?

And because individual can play a part in influencing the organisation’s environment and culture positively, here’s how everyone can do this shift, and positively influence your organisation.

Identify what you have direct control over

Optimally, focus on things you have direct control over, and shift your attention away from things you have indirect or no control over. Thinking this way can guide you to think of ways to respond powerfully to circumstances, instead of reacting powerlessly to it.

You will realise how this simple shift of perspective, can powerfully influence your follow-up actions that minimise negativity brought by things you have no direct control over, and enhance positivity in situations which you can control directly.

Change “had” thoughts to “can be”

When taking a hard look at the current state of your organisation, instead of thinking of things that “if only you had”, try shifting your perspective to what you “can be”. For instance, instead of “if only my organisation had better market positioning”, think along the lines of “What can I be to allow my organisation to have a better market position”.

“If only you had” thoughts seldom translate to any form of action because they passively focus on the hypothetical past. Shifting your focus to “can be” thoughts allow you to have future-focused motivational thoughts that directs behaviors that can positively impact your organisation.

So, BE proactive in shifting your perspective, and to positively influence your organisation today!

The above excerpt is our compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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