To go far, you’ll need everyone to go together. Getting everyone moving in the same direction and at an accelerated speed will take effort.

We support you in your endeavour by helping you to operationalise HR management while improving workplace management and communication. We also help you:

  • Act as a bridge between management and employees
  • Enable implementation of HR initiatives
  • Coach employees for mindset change
  • Mediate on disputes, grievances and disciplinary issues
  • Protect against problematic employees

You should consider Workplace Management & Engagement when you:

  • Find that you and/or your managers lack the internal capability to manage people
  • Have difficulty dealing with poor performers
  • Are unsure about the Employment Act
  • Have low staff morale and/or productivity

How We Do It

Annual Strategic Planning

  • Workforce planning
  • HR Strategy planning

Implementation – Skills Framework Adoption

  • Skills Framework implementation and update in all HR processes
  • Learning needs analysis

Implementation – HR Cycle

  • Performance goals setup
  • Bi-annual performance review and moderation
  • Annual increment & bonus design
  • Employee lifecycle – promotion, movement, termination

Coaching & Development

  • Managerial coaching
  • Weak performers coaching

Employee Communication & Engagement

  • Chairing of Staff Committees
  • Facilitation of townhall sessions
  • Employee feedback gathering
  • Employee engagement recommendations
  • Workplace relations – conflict, grievances, discipline

Compliance Management

  • Employment Act Advisory
  • Handing of claims filed by employees at MOM / TADM

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