At Align Group, our philosophy involves building effective, sustainable solutions for our clients through two interdependent pillars, one of which, the happiness pillar.

Workplace happiness is a key pillar in many successful organisations. Enterprises that pay due attention to workplace happiness have shown positive effects on employees’ work experience. All of which contributing to enhanced productivity, better talent retention, higher employee engagement and increased profitability.

Align Group is the brain behind the highly publiciseNational Workplace Happiness Survey. It helped to establish benchmarks with the use of scientific measurement and it propelled Align Group to the forefront of championing workplace happiness.

workplace happiness

Our Workplace Happiness Programme is a definitive programme that creates the foundation of positive workplaces. Of which includes:

  • Workplace Happiness Survey – identifying opportunities and threats within your organisation
  • Workshops and experiential learning – generating actionable plans towards a happy workplace

We can go on and share lots more here on what workplace happiness can do for your business but you may find it more beneficial to meet our happy consultants instead.

Start managing mindset changes and begin celebrating organisational wins with style!

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