In today’s complex and disruptive business ecosystem, organisations are constantly seeking high-performing employees to further propel their business forward.

An appropriate HR framework is important in building a fair, transparent and competency-based people management structure to help improve the performance and potential of your people. You will need to professionalise your people management structures to complement your business strategy.

With our team of highly experienced HR consultants, we work to apply a solution-focused approach to customise strategies based on your organisational context, performance issues and resources required to support behavioural changes and skill enhancement. We help to:

  • Professionalise your Human Capital
  • Operationalise values and strategies
  • Identify competencies for future success
  • Optimise team performance through clarity in roles and expectations
  • Promote fair standards and policies
  • Improve talent retention and engagement

Consider People Management, if you:

  • Intend to scale / grow to next level
  • Lack clear business growth direction
  • Find people management ‘messy’
  • Have high employee turnover and/or low productivity

How We Do It

Strategic Planning & MVV

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Objectives focusing on People
  • Mission, Vision and Core Values

Stakeholders’ Interviews

  • Key findings and summary of interviews
  • Surfacing of critical organisational & people issues

Organisation Structure & Job Profiling

  • Organisation structure
  • Job descriptions for key roles

Competency – Skills Framework Design

  • Skills Framework research & review
  • Skills Framework mapping to roles with proficiency

Performance Management

  • Performance management policy & process
  • Appraisal forms
  • KPIs setting guide

Learning Roadmap

  • Learning framework
  • On-Job-Training design for key roles

Career Pathing

  • Job grading structure
  • Career roadmap

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is available to strengthen your company’s people capabilities and support your business growth (up to 70% funding support for SMEs). If interested to tap on such resources, we will be by your side to support you throughout the entire process from start to finish.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact us.