People Management

In today’s complex and disruptive business ecosystem, organisations are constantly seeking high-performing employees to further propel their business forward.

Together, we design an appropriate HR framework to build a fair, transparent and competency-based people management structure, and to help improve the performance and potential of your people. 

People Management
Rewards Structuring

Rewards Structuring

We review and realign your rewards elements to ensure alignment with your business goals and to bolster employee productivity.

Consider Rewards Structuring if you find that:

  • It is increasing difficult to catch up with rising wage costs
  • Your job applicants are rejecting offers citing your salary offers are too low
  • Your employees are jumping ship for better rewards packages
  • You want to embark on employee ownership structures

Employer Branding

Your company’s brand promise is everything; it describes the reputation of the organisation as an employer, and its value proposition to its employees. We help you

  • create the image of the organisation as a “great place to work” in the minds of employees, candidates and other stakeholders
  • create a consistent ‘marketing message’ across all touchpoints for talent attraction
  • increase your talent pool for effective hiring
  • systematise your search for the right candidate for the right hire
Employer Branding
employee happiness

Workplace Happiness

Our philosophy involves building effective, sustainable solutions for our clients through two interdependent pillars, one of which, the happiness pillar.

Workplace happiness is a key pillar in many successful organisations. Enterprises that pay due attention to workplace happiness have shown positive effects on employees’ work experience. All of which contributing to enhanced productivity, better talent retention, higher employee engagement and increased profitability.

Compliance & Risk Management

We work with you to enhance the protection of your company, by identifying potential risks in advance, analyse these risk and take precautionary measures to reduce or curb the risk.

We help you:

  • Ensure full compliance in accordance with the Employment Act
  • Identify gaps or lapses that carry possible legal consequences
  • Implement process and best practices to mitigate risks in HR management.
compliance risk management
Employee engagement

Workplace Management & Engagement

We support you in strategically and culturally align your people by helping you to operationalise HR management while improving workplace management and communication. We also help you:

  • Act as a bridge between management and employees
  • Enable implementation of HR initiatives
  • Coach employees for mindset change
  • Mediate on disputes, grievances and disciplinary issues
  • Protect against problematic employees

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is available to strengthen your company’s people capabilities and support your business growth (up to 80% funding support for SMEs). If interested to tap on such resources, we will be by your side to support you throughout the entire process from start to finish.

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