Saving Jobs,
Sustaining Business

An Align Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

We know that the pandemic is throwing up issues in managing your business and your people.
So we started a free advisory channel for business owners in Singapore.

Do the questions below sound similar to what you are facing?

About this Initiative

The current situation is causing so much chaos. But we are heartened to see Singaporeans stepping up and helping one another. So we are inspired to do our part to help the SME community, because we have been flooded with queries and questions from our own clients.

So ta-da! We’ve thought up this idea of providing a free advisory to business owners in Singapore (up to 30 minutes, 1 advisory session per company) who are trying to make sense of the occurring changes – from Stay at Home Notices to the closing of the Malaysian border, from the Resilience Budget to what available resources there are – and what all this means to your businesses and your people. 

Conditions and
Safe Spaces

If you are an owner, leader or manager of a Small and Medium (SME) enterprise registered in Singapore, we invite you to throw us your questions. We understand that talking about people issues might be sensitive (e.g. the possibility of retrenching people, cutting salaries). So we create a safe space for you to air your concerns.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Please note that your sharing of information is for ease of communication and analysis on an aggregate basis. All data will be treated with the strictest of privacy and confidentiality, in alignment with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) . For more details, kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you send us your questions by filling up the form below, you may wish to check out our FAQ page for questions we’ve been getting from business owners and our responses to them. 

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