Will Your Business Survive These Troubled Times?

Singapore’s businesses are suffering the consequences of the global pandemic. Yours included. 

Are you unsure what you should prepare for, should the Circuit Breaker extend?
Is your treasury running low due to high overheads and manpower costs?
Are you feeling down at the possibility of having to close shop?

We've Put Together a Special
Restructuring Project.

We’re supporting business owners with such concerns. 

We help review their current financial statuses, look for ways and means to reduce business costs and in so doing, extend runways and enhance business sustainability.

About Us

Align Group is the fastest growing people-focused management consultancy helping other fast-growing enterprises scale up. We do this through Human Capital Transformation projects that maximise the potential of people and performance of companies.

Stabilise Your Business, Support Your Employees

We’ll look with you to comprehensively analyse all business aspects to identify your biggest expense items and manpower constraints.

We’ll work with you to draw up your business consolidation plans, outlining cost-cutting measures, detailed sequences and timelines. 

We’ll partner with you and your team to implement the measures while ensuring communication and compliance.

Driving Success For Growing Enterprises

Benefits from this Project

Decrease business costs and extend financial runways.
Improve business efficiency and enhance sustainability.
Strengthen teamwork and organisational resilience.

Low Boon Seong

Founder & Managing Director of Align Group

The saying cannot be more true in today’s business landscape. In a global economy increasingly powered by new technological platforms, change seems to be the only constant. To cope with new challenges, people talent has never been more important to a business enterprise. The game plan must be to optimise the performance of the people in the organisation. Very simply, compromise your people, compromise your company’s performance. To run the speed of today’s race, companies must bring the best out of their employees. Their potential and performance must be pushed to an optimal level to outdo the competition. Align Group is at the forefront of partnering companies to achieve the best results. 

With a proud track record, we help businesses achieve sustainable productivity growth, optimising potential of employees and creating well-defined organisational alignment. With numerous grants available to help businesses achieve breakthroughs, including their HR capabilities, companies must seize these opportunities to achieve quantum leaps. If you want to optimise the potential of your people talent, Align Group would make a perfect partner. My colleagues and I look forward to meeting you.

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