A square peg will not fit into a round hole. The same applies with personnel deployment.

Putting people in the right role is often one of the most critical yet challenging tasks. A wrong fit will often lead to low engagement and retention.

So what can you do to ensure that there is a good fit of people to role?

1. Understand their strengths and interests

Place them in roles which best leverage on their desired strengths and they are likely to be more engaged and motivated to maximise their full potential.

2. Evaluate the matching of competencies

Ensure that the employee has the right competency match to the role assigned. In the wrong role, it will limit their true abilities and be perceived as being incompetent.

3. Identify value alignment

Apart from strengths and competencies, it is equally critical to assess that the values of the individual are aligned to the corporate values along with the desired behaviour. This is especially important for leadership roles which others may model after. Value misalignment is a misfit to the organisation culture which may lead to serious consequences.

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