Article : Smoothly Integrating New Hires Into The Workplace 

An effective onboarding is crucial to help your new hires to integrate into your team. It can be considered as “creating the right first impression” for your new hires, which goes a long way to improve employee retention.

  1. Orientation Briefing

Arrange a session for someone in the Management to share about the company’s mission, vision, and core values. This will help the new hires to appreciate the purpose and significance of their roles.

  1. Buddy System

Consider introducing a buddy system, of which a buddy is assigned to assist the new hires in assimilating into the team. This acts as a support channel for the new hires, thus it is important to have the right person as the buddy.

  1. Self-directed Learning Plan

If briefing and formal training take up too much time, consider designing a self-directed learning plan for the new hires. New hires would be given a list of “learning points” to complete at their own pace, with a possible evaluation at the end.