The demographics of talents and their reasons for working are changing, so companies face growing challenges in attracting talents. This may be the result of hiring managers being too comfortable with traditional recruitment processes and methods and hence, neglect looking into areas which are essential to talent attraction. The following are some often neglected areas to  focus on.

Highlight Company Culture

Different people would view your company from different angles and hence form different impressions about its culture. Thus, it is important to capture and highlight your company’s culture to let candidates know what it would be like working in your company so as to minimise misperceptions. Individuals whose working styles are aligned with your work culture would naturally be drawn to and apply for a position at your company.

Update Social Media Regularly 

The popularity of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is undeniable. It is important for your company to update key events or even daily happenings on your company’s social media pages. Many job seekers today would look up a company through social media before sending in job applications. Companies with updated social media allow others to better understand them, and therefore attract job seekers.

Move Forward with Technology

In an increasingly tech-savvy environment, talents too are searching for companies who embrace technology as it would be an assurance of job stability against any form of possible industry disruptions. In addition, companies which embrace technology also promotes efficient and productive work cultures that are often seen as attractive to result-oriented individuals.


The above excerpt is our compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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