Meetings tend to be time-consuming and unproductive, but it does not have to be that way. Below are some tips to make meetings more worthwhile:

Do Stand-Up Meetings

Stand-up group meetings enable participants to stay engaged, focused and attentive during  discussions. Consider having short but frequent stand-up meetings to increase the effectiveness of achieving meeting objectives.

Adopt the Solution-Ready Sharing Method

Leaders should encourage the participants to be ready with solutions before  meetings so that they do not turn into lengthy brainstorming sessions. With solutions at hand, the time spent during meetings can then be focused on evaluating ideas, providing feedback and solving problems.

Set Up and Stick to the Agenda

Send out the meeting agenda at least 1 week before  meetings so that the participants are clear on the points for discussion and can prepare for them. Then, during meetings, participants should also ensure that the discussion pointers are concise and relevant to the agenda so as to maximise on what has been prepared by the participants.


The above excerpt is our compilation of ideas for business leaders in the areas of people management, leadership, and workplace happiness. 

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