In today’s complex and disruptive business ecosystem, organisations are constantly seeking high-performing employees to further propel their business forward.

An appropriate HR framework is important in building a fair, transparent and competency-based people management structure to help improve the performance and potential of your people.

Start building the foundation for your HR to complement your business strategy as a valuable business partner. With our team of highly experienced HR consultants, we work to apply a solution-focused approach to customise strategies based on your organisational context, performance issues and resources required to support behavioural changes and skill enhancement.


Our scope in HR Capability Development includes the following areas:

  • Strategic Alignment – Align Group will set the right foundation in aligning your organisation with business growth through equipping your HR with the right people management framework through
  • Building a compelling mission, vision and values
  • Establishing an agile and client-centric organisational structure
  • Clarifying job roles and responsibilities
  • Performance Enabler – Align Group will operationalise your business strategies and goals into actionable KPIs for improved organisational performance of employees through
  • Establishing future-ready competencies
  • Enabling appropriate performance management
  • Rewards management

For qualifying companies, you may tap on the Capability Development Grant offered by SPRING Singapore which covers up to 70% of qualifying project costs*

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